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AGP-1000 - Parking Access Gate

The Amano AGP-1000 Series Gate incorporates a new philosophy in drive technology. The DC direct drive gear-motor addresses the requirements of both the residential and commercial Access Control markets. Designed for easy installation and simple parallel communications with other access control equipment, the AGP-1000 Series is the perfect choice for simple entry and/or exit access control applications where durability and dependability count. 

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AGP-1700 - Parking Access Gate

Amano Cincinnati’s AGP-1700 Series Revenue Parking Gate is designed to meet all your parking control needs. The microprocessor-based logic and functionality provides the ultimate in reliability, performance, and safety, as well as the flexibility to accommodate four different modes of operation.


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ETP-12/22 - Ticket Dispenser

Amano Cincinnati’s ETP Series Ticket Dispenser is designed to keep your business running smoothly and to protect your revenue. Extensive programming capabilities for the normal issuing mode include valet parking applications (multiple ticket) and a custom greeting on the LCD display.


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AGP-2000 - Entry Station

The AGP-2000 Series Entry Station is designed for multiple uses, typically at the unattended entrances of a parking facility. The AGP-2010 Series Entry Station dispenses a mag-stripe parking ticket. The AGP-2050 Series Entry Station adds access cards and credit card functionality such as ticket in/credit card out, and credit card in/credit card out when used with an AGP-6050 Series Exit Station.

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AGP-4400 - Expressparc Exit Pay Credit Card System

The AGP-4400 ExpressParc® Exit Pay Credit Card System accepts entry tickets and validation coupons, calculates parking fees, accepts and processes credit cards, prints and issues receipts. This unit, which interfaces with an on-line credit card host PC for fee calculation and credit card processing, is extremely cost efficient because it reduces the need for cashiers, allowing for effective employee utilization. The need for inventoried parts and service training is greatly reduced because the ExpressParc uses common hardware components.

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AGP-6000 - Exit Station

The AGP-6000 Series Exit Station is designed for multiple uses, typically at the unattended exits of a parking facility. The AGP-6010 Series Exit Station accepts paid parking ticket, confirms the patron has paid and exited within the programmed lag-time. The AGP-6050 Series adds credit card / mag-stripe access card functionality for ticket in/credit card out, and credit card in/credit card out when used with an AGP-2050 series Entry Station and on-line credit card host software.

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AGP-6800 - Exit Pay Station

The AGP-6800 series pay station is finding wide acceptance in unattended facilities. Operating 24/7, the pay station accommodates transient, discount, service store validation and other processes easily and efficiently.

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AGP-5200 - Fee Computer

Amano Cincinnati’s AGP-5200 Series Fee Computer and AGP-5600 Series Validator perform automatic parking fee calculations. Multiple Fee Computers and Validators may be utilized in conjunction with ETP-22 and AGP-2000 Series Ticket Dispenser for a complete on-line parking revenue control system.

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AGP-7800 - Pay-on-Foot Central Pay Station

Amano AGP-7800 automatic Central Pay Station (CPS) is designed as a fast pay-processing unit and is perfect for large-scale 24-hour operations. A large easy-to-read 15-inch flat panel color display and lighted guidance system leads users through easy-to-follow transactions enhanced with screen prompts and voice announcements. Transactions are faster and easier for the user—virtually eliminating long lines and delays.

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AGP-4300 - ExpressParc® Credit Card Only Central Pay

The AGP-4300 Series ExpressParc Credit Card Only Central Pay Station is typically located at a central location within the parking facility. The system accepts entry tickets, expired exit tickets, validated tickets, and mag-stripe validation coupons, calculates the parking fee, accepts and processes the credit card, prints and issues a receipt on request, and issues a paid exit ticket.

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AGP-9400 - Centralized Credit Card Processing Software

Designed to facilitate centralized processing of credit card transactions from Amano AGP revenue equipment such as fee computers, pay stations, and applicable lane equipment. Operators have the ability to choose from a variety of major credit card clearing house networks. It provides real-time approval and eliminates the need for phone lines to each piece of equipment.



iParc Professional

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